False Advertisements on Autoscout, Mobile.de, ...

18 januari 2024

False Advertisements on Autoscout, Mobile.de, ...

For the last few months we have been experiencing a problem where a person is impersonating our garage. This involves ads on websites such as AutoScout24 and Mobile.de.

The seller poses as a private individual, then uses our contact information to sell cars (which we do not have in stock, by the way). This even involves using the personal contact details of our employees, which suggests that everything could be 'real'. Which, of course, it is not.

They often ask for an advance payment before the car can be viewed by the customer. The order form that customers receive is also similar to our order form, but is clearly distinguishable from our own ones (things like a different font, thickness of letters and a lot of text in one paragraph are very obvious).

If you have experienced this or have any doubts about the authenticity of an ad, please contact us directly and by phone on the following number +32 51 27 28 00. We strongly advise against making any payments before you have contacted us by phone.

We are in no way responsible for payments or actions performed before contacting us personally. We have already contacted the necessary authorities to take further action.